Launch EXE after MSI Install

To run any application after the installation is complete,

  1. Right-click on your setup project, click on Custom Actions.
  2. Then right-click on Commit, Add Custom Action, and choose the file you would like to run. (Note that it has to be in your application folder already, which shouldn’t be a problem in your case since you are running your program anyway.
  3. Simply choose the output of your project.
  4. Then, click on this added .exe, and change InstallerClass to false. This is crucial because it will look for an installer program otherwise.
  5. You could even pass parameters to your .exe by adding them to the Arguments property

Autocad and Civil 3D .Net API Updates

I build applications with the C# language and work in the .Net (dot-net) Framework, a language-neutral system developed by Microsoft. Nearly every modern application that provides customization through an API accommodates this. These include Microsoft products, Adobe products, Google, Apple, Samsung, Unity, Esri, and many more. Autodesk has some of the strongest documentation and is incredibly friendly for customization through their API. However, they rearrange their online locations often. So, to capture new additions to the API I am adding them here as I find/receive them.

Civil 3D 2018 API Update

Civil 3D 2019 API Update

Civil 3D 2020 API Update

Civil 3D 2021 API Update

Autocad 2018 API Update

Autocad 2019 API Update

Autocad 2020 API Update

Autocad 2021 API Update