Twinmotion, Flowscape, and Visual Art



Recently both Twinmotion and Flowscape have been introduced to the digital artists’ arsenal. The developer of Flowscape calls the software a game, at least on their Discord channel. To be honest I think it’s just a money grab. Truth is who would play a game just building landscapes that they could use for nothing. Maybe I just don’t get it. The power of the software is its ability to create appealing surreal animated landscapes extremely quickly while giving the users the ability to import their own OBJ files. While there are technical aspects to the import (outlined on the developers’ Discord), once it’s figured out this software can be used for hundreds of applications related to visual and digital art.

Twinmotion’s library and ease of use make it a viable solution for archviz on a budget. Until now, there weren’t many options for architectural rendering that allowed the import of architectural files that didn’t cost several thousand dollars a year. I believe the makers of Twinmotion understood as technology has grown this shouldn’t be the case anymore and are working hard to develop a more applicable solution for smaller teams which will democratize the field, even more, making it accessible to anyone around the world.


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