Dynamo for Civil 3D Part 3

It was a bit of a speed bump to figure out the proper way to work between the Autocad and Civil 3D API through the Dynamo interface, but I’m there, and I love it. The information people have made available online is convoluted, difficult to understand, and frankly filled with unnecessary work (maybe even errors, misdirection). Perhaps they don’t understand they are making it harder than it needs to be.  Locating the libraries and understanding what the limits and capabilities of the Dynamo version of its “objects” took some time, but realizing that it’s not necessary to convert objects from Civil 3D types to Dynamo types and that I can use typical extensions and the API as is opened my eyes to a whole new world of visual programming. Now, with the ability to use the visual aspects of the node-based system, I can combine the power and functions of Dynamo with coding through Visual Studio to generate endless, scalable, dynamic, ever-growing procedural and generative designs.  You ever see something so big in your head it looks like a giant white whale, and wonder can you tackle it, or should you give up before it kills you?


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