Dynamo for Civil 3D

I used Dynamo for Civil3D for the first time.  I love that I don’t have to close Civil 3D constantly just to load and test code, and after writing hundreds of thousands of lines of code over the years it’s exciting to not have to dig through a few hundred for simple actions.  There is an enormous amount of power in its parametric abilities right away, as demonstrated by the Autodesk’s team themselves, but I’m excited to try and use it for production and geometrical challenges.


#UnrealEngine, My New Favorite Thing

I absolutely LOVE Unreal Engine.  Of course I would, because I love C#.  Why wouldn’t I love the program built for C++ users when there’s an alternate, more popular viable option for C# writers. I don’t care. A guy can’t help who he falls in love with and this adventure will fall in line with everything other thing in my life (choosing the hardest possible path to my objective).

Tweaking a few materials online I was able to generate a pretty cool fading and rotating emissive material.   Looks like a Predator / Star Trek type armor shield or something. Probably completely useless for anything I’ll ever do (unless I get a night visual project in Vegas where Neon lights struggle for power XD). Still, was fun to play with.